Friday, March 19, 2010

Random triskele tribal tattoos

Moving the "old" tattoo designs from blog to blog...
(Why the hell didn't I put the blog address & license on those? They're already "stolen" in many places ¬_¬. As if it was too difficult just to give credit...)
Triskel time! 
This one is just a random tribalized triskele ...
tribal triskel
... and a random dragon-triskele-tribal whatever ...
tribal triskel dragon
... and a weird mix between odin horns and triskele (and for some reason I think the horns looks greek, go figure)
Odin horns and triskele


  1. Got the Odin's horn tattoo last night. Soooooo cool. Thanks heaps!

  2. Great, nice to know it was useful :)

  3. I like your style and want to learn more about the Viking/Norse style. Where do you get your inspiration and references from?