Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ornamental swirly tattoo design

Kind of abstract, I guess ornamental is the right name.

ornamental swirls design

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This was actually based on a triskel shape, though it's hardly visible now, there's only 3 circular shapes left.
There's also a dragon with butterfly wings, yes, I swear. Look at the tiny round "o" on the left, it is right in the dragon's mouth, and if you follow the dragon "body" you'll find that the bits of strings in () shape are the wings. (I'm not sure that my explanations are good but explaining things in text is difficult, argh.)

So yay, a tattoo design with hidden meanings. :p


  1. Rore is this your design?

  2. Yes. I would not put my name on something I didn't do.

  3. hehe, of course, my fault sorry.

    I just wanna say that i realy love this drawing, realy like the style on it very much, and i was wondering if i could get premission to tattoo this?

    Sorry if its offendig question or something like that. I do respect if you dont allow me, becuse its your design and all.

  4. Yes, you can tattoo this.
    I allow the use of my images for tattoos :)

  5. Ah thanks alot ma`am
    Thats kinda of your i must admit :) keep making these stylish and cool tattoo ideas!