Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tribalish tentacles

So yeah, lone tentacles again, without a full octopus body. I tried to mimic the simplicity and flowing shape that is found in some tribal designs.
tentacles tattoo design

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I like the organic shape of these things - here I see a kind of treble clef shape on the front tentacle... Well, with a lot of imagination maybe :p. 
I added a somewhat pale-skin-color background, in order to see what it could look like as a tattoo with a few white highlights. Not sure this is very visible actually.

Also, I keep drawing the suction cups like this .˙.˙.˙.˙.˙.˙.˙. instead of :::::: (as seen on a lot of drawings) because as far as I can tell from photos, the two rows of suckers have a small offset. But I'm not sure to be right (most of the time, they just seems to be in a total mess)