Thursday, July 8, 2010

Space pinup

Ultra-shiny space pinup. PEW-PEW.

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Obviously, high-heels are a total must-have on a spacesuit. Yes.
And drawing shiny materials is fun ... maybe too fun?, now it looks like she was dropped in an oil bath. 
I did this without references, this is a bad idea actually, especially since I'm not used to drawing characters at all. But it was much funnier that way, =p.
The pistol/ray-gun/whatever annoys me. I wanted to do one a little bit like on the Foo-Fighters 1st album cover, but at that size, it didn't look very good, so I went for something more squarish.

Coloured pencils + a bit of ink, and the shadow under her and the reflection on the helmet are CG.

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