Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tribal dragon

I tried to design a dynamic tribal dragon, because a friend kept asking me to do a tribal critter (a wolf, actually), and a dragon was the only thing that inspired me.

Tribal dragon tattoo design

And guess what? I'm actually not very found of tribal tattoos on skin, but they are fun to draw on paper ;)  (... And a lot less fun to vectorise, unfortunately. So: pencil + Inkscape)

Also, the shape of the spikes are a kind of tip of the hat to this over-used and over-stolen (but still awesome) dragon from 2004, by RG571. (As far as I know, the size was decreased and the watermark was added long after it appeared everywhere on the net.)


  1. Well, this tattoo is really beautifull, although this post is old, from 2010, i have never seen this on a skin, until now of course, i'm going to do it on my scapula. and rg5571, what a great artist you are, from..france? well, your art is going to walk on the street of Valparaiso, Chile, i really hope the artist here make you honor!!!!!

  2. Well, I finally did it, it's on my scapula now and it's looks great, what a great artist!!!!