Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pink heart and swirls tat

Well, just what the title said. I tried to make the color a bit shiny like what I saw in some tattoos, but I'm not sure the effect is correct. Oh well...
heart with swirls

Monday, March 22, 2010

Zombie cherries tattoo design

Not sure what to call that tattoo design. Zombie cherries? Undead cherries? Cherries-that-had-a-knife-accident?

Zombie cherries tattoo

Friday, March 19, 2010

Celtic hearts, knotworks tattoo designs

Moving the "old" tattoo designs from blog to blog... (These ones too have my old blog watermark, although it's barely visible, heh).
This time, some knotwork thingies. I love knotwork, especially the celtic knotworks kind.

A weird triquetra - well, a triple triquetra (actually made with 2 closed lines)
triple triquetra

And hearts. Just because.

Knotwork celtic heart #1
celtic heart
Knotwork celtic heart #2 (this one is my favorite)
Knotwork celtic heart #3

Random triskele tribal tattoos

Moving the "old" tattoo designs from blog to blog...
(Why the hell didn't I put the blog address & license on those? They're already "stolen" in many places ¬_¬. As if it was too difficult just to give credit...)
Triskel time! 
This one is just a random tribalized triskele ...
tribal triskel
... and a random dragon-triskele-tribal whatever ...
tribal triskel dragon
... and a weird mix between odin horns and triskele (and for some reason I think the horns looks greek, go figure)
Odin horns and triskele

Vertical tribal

vertical tribal
Moving the "old" tattoo designs from blog to blog... (yes I know, this one still has the old blog address on it)

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Tribal techno wings ?

Moving the "old" tattoo designs from blog to blog...

Number one is some kind of tribal techno wings thingy :
tribal techno wings