I'm not a tattoo artist. Just someone that enjoys doodling. (I wish I had the skills for tattoos, but I prefer to waste pieces of papers rather than people's skin with my poor drawing skills.)

I doodle for fun and practice. I thought I may as well share those drawings, in case someone finds them useful (who knows).

Anyway, if you plan to get inked something from here, it'll be very nice of you to leave just a small message. (in English or French)

And don't forget that asking your tattoo artist for a custom tattoo is a better idea: at least you'll get something unique :) (I mean, most of those persons are tattoo *artists*, not tattoo copying machines, and I'm sure that they have some 100-times better drawing skills and creative minds than I do).

 Most of the time, I only use pencils, black pens, coloured pencils, my scanner and GIMP to clean the image/resize/improve the colours.
When I'm lazy, I vectorize my designs (with Inkscape) to make them look cleaner without getting angry at my poor pencil skills.